May 28, 2024

Lutfi Zayed and the Chronicles of the Cloud Verse

This interview was conducted by giraffics animator, Loay Ashraf

Lutfi Zayed is a Jordanian comic artist and illustrator with style and humor that will make your head turn.

Zayed is a freelance artist who has worked on various projects, including his latest educational cartoon for children Adam and Mishmish. The cartoon aims to encourage love for the Arabic language through different topics and lessons.

1- How do you spend your work days?

I try to take full advantage of the flexible work system that I have. I tend not to stay in the same room the whole day, so I usually divide my day between my home studio and working outside. 

2- Why did you feel you needed to animate your comics?

For me they’re all connected to begin with. So many times when I’m drawing a comic or a certain panel I automatically visualize it animated, even with sound effects and all. So naturally, some of these comics will turn into an actual animation because I couldn’t resist the temptation! 

3- Tell us more about the Adam and Meshmesh project ?

Adam & Mishmish is one of those projects that I’m really grateful to be part of. Seeing your own characters come to life and grow within the hearts of children is an incredible feeling. 

4- Do you have a certain way of thinking or technique for dividing the panels for a certain story?

It all depends on the story and the feeling I want to portray out of it. Generally speaking I like to use thick black lines to contain my scene into this tiny box, but yet again I would very often break down these lines to express even more action and dynamics.

 5- Do you start with thinking about the joke or is it the other way around?

Again it all depends on the idea and the story itself. I like to imagine scenarios and actions that might sound funny in my head, and so many times the punchline keeps changing as I keep drawing and understanding what my characters would do more.

 6- What are some of your personal favorite comic works? And who’s your favorite comic artist?

So many to mention! I love Egyptian comics old and new. I prefer smart, witty, and funny comics in general. 

7- Have you ever thought of turning your comics into a big production like the Strange Planet cartoon series ?

All the time! And hopefully that day will come sooner rather than later. 

8- What else do you love to do besides comics?

Besides creating and reading comics, I enjoy taking long walks, listening to music, or going out with friends. You know basic things that are important to keep recharging your energy. 

9- Activities that help you during mind block?

So often in time I have several projects to work on simultaneously. So, whenever I feel I’m stuck on one project, I don’t force myself too much on it and would jump on another one. This really helps keep a fresh and sharp mind and avoid routine that might harm your creativity.

Summary: Zayed is the kind of artist who likes to keep his mind and creativity going. Shifting from his home studio to working in his favorite cafe, his ideas and imaginary scenarios are always shifting and twisting in his head. When it comes to his comic creations, visualizing every panel allows him to later turn them into animation, at least, those he can't resist bringing to life. One such project was Adam and Meshmesh, in which he shared that nothing hits right like seeing your own creations come to life and making real change. Beyond his work, Zayed enjoys long walks, music, going out with friends, and of course, reading the funniest and wittiest comics the world has to offer.